Amy Schumer Opens Up About Her ‘Gray-Area’ Rape While Sleeping

Amy Schumer is opening up about the sexual and physical abuse she suffered from her former boyfriend when she was a teenager.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show Super Soul Conversations, the 36-year-old I Feel Pretty comedian discussed how she lost her virginity when she was “gray-area raped” by her boyfriend as a teenager.

“You think when that happens you say, ‘OK, well, this isn’t someone I want to see rotting in a jail cell, but what he did to me was wrong,’” Schumer said. “I didn’t consent, and for me, I lost my virginity while I was asleep and that’s not OK.”

“The first thing he said was, ‘I thought you knew,’” Schumer recalled her sexual assault. “I didn’t say anything yet … He was my boyfriend. I loved him. I had to comfort him.”

She added, “I also felt really angry which… It was just a feeling I had. I felt really angry at him, and it’s a rage that has stayed with me. I don’t think you lose that. As women, we’re really trained not to get angry because that makes people dismiss you right away … but I felt I wanted to comfort him because he felt so bad and he was so worried, just tried to push my anger down.”

Watch the interview above.